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Taxi Joe’s new single ‘Astronomers’ will feature on the new horror film ‘Pareidolia’

The new film from director Aaron Truss, writer Aiden Truss and producer Stuart Morriss debuted at it’s World Premiere at London’s FrightFest.

The film stars Diane Franklin (Amityville II: The Possession, Better off Dead, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) as well as Graham Cole (The Bill), Carolyn Pickles (Broadchurch), Dawn Perllman (The Omen), Sandy Johnson (John Carpenter’s Halloween) and EVEN Joe Acres himself as the mortician, Jonty!

“Pareidolia tells the story of Sinead (Diane Franklin), a university lecturer studying the subject of pareidolia, who becomes convinced she is being stalked by an entity hiding within her house. Meanwhile a mysterious death is brought to the attention of a local priest, Father Cavanagh (Graham Cole), who realises that his past is beginning to catch up with him”


(Photo credit: John Chase)

The single release, to coincide with the World Premiere, was joint effort with synth-wave group, Infra Violet, who composed the original score to the film – releasing both their soundtrack ‘Faces’ and Taxi Joe’s ‘Astronomers’.

Both artists performed the soundtrack in its entirety at the Cast and Crew Screening at the Phoenix Arts Club in London to a SOLD OUT audience.

(Photo credit: Andrew Ruff)

‘Pareidolia’ is currently on it’s festival run with a US Premiere due in November at the Los Angeles International Film Festival, as well as the Ealing Film Festival, DarkFest 666, The Soho London Independent Film Festival, Horror-On-Sea and many more…

To listen to ‘Astronomers’ by Taxi Joe – CLICK HERE

To listen to ‘Faces’ by Infra Violet – CLICK HERE

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